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Cameron Poetzscher’s strategic leadership and financial acumen have enabled him to create significant value for leading global corporations. During his long stint at Goldman Sachs, Cameron was responsible for leading prominent, strategically critical financial transactions, like Disney's $7.5 billion acquisition of Pixar and TCC's $11.4 billion acquisition of Fraser & Neave. As Vice President of Corporate Development at Uber, Poetzscher is internationally recognized for the strategic alliances, acquisitions and fundraising he has executed for the rapidly growing global transportation company.


Uber Said to Be in Funding Talks for More Than $10B Value

Uber Technologies Inc. is seeking to join the $10 billion-plus club.
The San Francisco-based startup, which makes a mobile application for car-service booking, is in talks to raise new financing in a round that may value it at more than $10 billion, according to people with knowledge of the situation. That would almost triple the company’s value from $3.5 billion last year when it garnered $258 million. Read More

May 16, 2014


Goldman Sachs

Uber hires technology bankers as it takes the scenic route to an IPO

Uber is building up a small army of employees poached from investment bank Goldman Sachs as it drives, however slowly, toward its long awaited public offering on Wall Street. Reuters reports that the fast-growing ride-hailing startup has poached three "mid-level bankers" from Goldman Sachs in "recent months." Read More

Nov 25, 2015



Banks miss out as Chinese firms do DIY deal advice

Uber managed its side of the deal in-house, a person close to the U.S. company said, through Cameron Poetzscher, vice president of corporate development who spent nearly two decades at Goldman Sachs, and chief business officer Emil Michael. Read More

August 18, 2016


5 Australians Making it Big in the United States

Being away from one’s home turf can be daunting, but the following five Australians have not only made the US their home, they have achieved great success on foreign shores. Cameron Poetzcher and four other Australians have made their mark and achieved phenomenal success in the United States. Read more 

June 12, 2018